Wednesday, May 07, 1997

May 7 1997: Province Reports Tories Tackling Grewal's "resume gap" with Liberian Despot

Tories tackle Reformer's resume 'gap'
The Province
May 2, 1997
Byline: Don Hauka, Political Reporter

Conservatives say Reform candidate Gurmant Grewal is trying to hide his connections to an African dictator.

"Mr. Grewal's party resume contains a 15-year gap between 1981 and 1996," said Tory spokesman John Aisenstat. "The voters have a right to know what he was doing for those 15 years."

Grewal, Reform candidate for Surrey Central, denies he spent part of those 15 years advising Liberian dictator President Sam Doe.

"I have never, ever advised the government," an angry Grewal said yesterday. "I have never, ever stated I have been a political adviser to the government."

But Grewal's resume , sent to The Province in May 1995, states under Community Involvement: "Recommended to and then helped the president of Liberia (Doe) to launch Green Revolution in the country." He also claimed to be "Honorary vice-consul of Liberia in Canada" in 1995.

Doe seized power in Liberia after a bloody coup in 1980. He was murdered in 1990 after a civil war.

Grewal sent the resume after B.C. Liberals said he was so politically green he should "donate five turkeys to the food bank" to gain experience. He protested he had ample political experience in Liberia and the U.S.

Asked about Grewal's revised resume , Reform leader Preston Manning said: "I know nothing about that."