Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Mar 6 2004 Surrey Now: LTE "Running In the Family" & Mary Polak

Grewal failed to see the superstar in Mary Polak
Surrey Now
Saturday, March 6, 2004
Page: 9
Section: Opinion
Byline: Shan Rana
Source: Surrey Now

The Editor,

Re: "Running in the family," the Now, March 3.

Surrey Central Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal has shown no respect for his riding and British Columbians in the way he and his wife have hijacked two Surrey riding nominations. He claims he and his party could not find any "star candidate" other than his wife. Give me a break. Is he shortsighted that he could not see the superstar in Mary Polak?

When he was all alone during his 1997 federal election I was the only Indo-Canadian providing him logistical support and predicting his victory based on the mere fact that the mainstream Reformers were anxious to elect some ethnic candidates.

What is disappointing is the glitter of two $135,000-salaries, pensions and perks have gone to the Grewals' heads. Gurmant Grewal was better off taking a hefty pension and letting his wife run in Surrey-Newton-North Delta. Their political ambitions are bigger than them.

How can the Grewals justify to mainstream Surreyites that Indo-Canadians are seeking three of four Surrey ridings when they represent only 23 per cent of the Surrey population?

Shan Rana,