Sunday, May 15, 2005

May 15, 2005 Grewal's Conversation With "Go-Between" Kalia

To Read The Transcript from Bucket's of Grewal's Slideshow, Click HERE

As Bucket's Remarks, Grewal has only released a fraction of the messages / tapes /meetings /transcriptions of his meetings/discusions with Mr.Kalia (the go-between)

Mr.Kalia claims on May 20th that Grewal was the one who approached him... (in this article)
Dosajh also claims that Mr.Kalia will verify that Grewal was the one who made the approach.

Grewal disputes this.

In any event... Here is where Mr.Grewal's offerings of tapes/transcripts begin.

Sunday May 15th 2005
SK- Minister (Ujjal Dosanjh) called and asked me if I have spoken to you (GG). I said I have talked to him and explained our discussion.

Read the Rest of this Discussion via transcript HERE.

(As Bucket's points out... This is not possibly the first contact between Mr.Kalia, and Mr.Grewal)

Where are the tapes, conversations between Kalia and Grewal before this night, to exonerate either Grewal, or Kalia and Ujal on this particular point?