Thursday, May 26, 2005

May 26, 2005: CBC Reports Indo-Canadian Community Not Happy With Grewal

Indo-Canadians upset at Surrey MP's allegations
Last updated May 26 2005 09:24 AM PDT
CBC News
VANCOUVER A leading Surrey newspaper columnist says Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal's disclosure that he secretly taped conversations with senior Liberals is an embarrassment to the province's Indo-Canadian community.

B.C. Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal
Grewal has produced recordings with federal Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh and the Prime Minister's chief of staff that he says prove the Liberals offered him a bribe to side with them on the budget last week.

The Liberals say it was Grewal who wanted a deal to cross the floor, and was rebuffed.

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Rattan Mall of the Indo-Canadian Voice says many Indo-Canadians feel humiliated by the whole affair.

"And they're playing these games with intrigues and alleged bribes and negotiations," he says. "It makes the whole community look bad, and that's why the community, I think, is really angry."

Talk show host Harpreet Singh says its not just Indo-Canadian politicians who look bad, but all politicians.

"Some people in the community feel the image has been tarnished, but mostly feel that it's a politician's work. This thing, what has happened, has brought disgrace to the entire political system."

Grewal recorded four hours of conversations with Liberals, but has only publicly released a few minutes of the tape.

The complete tapes are being turned over to the RCMP, and it will be up to the Mounties to decide if there's something to investigate.

The ethics commissioner has also been asked by both the NDP and the Bloc Québécois to investigate Grewal's claims.