Monday, May 30, 2005

May 30, 2005: Hansard Deals With Some Grewal Matters

See Full Hansard For This day HERE.

Buckets gives a highlight of things to note:

  • Duceppe asked the PM to confirm that it was Murphy who was on the tape; PM answered that no deal was made.
  • Michel Guimond (BQ of Montmorency-etc.) noted that the tape records Murphy saying 'we can make an arrangement to that allows you to move' and asked the PM to acknowledge that this was a breach of s. 119 of the criminal code. Tony Valeri answered that the matter is being considered by the Parliamentary Ethics Commissioner.
  • Guimond also asked why Murphy had not resigned while the matter was investigated. PM answered that no deal was made.
  • Jack Layton asked PM why the government had not launched an RCMP investigation. PM answered that it was not the government's role to launch such an investigation. He called on Grewal to release the full takes.