Thursday, June 09, 2005

June 9, 2005: CPC MP Kenney Claims Conclusive Proof That Clips/Recordings Are Not Altered

JUNE 9th. Jason Kenney announces that their expert has conclusive stated that the clips/recordings he has heard are not altered. (Press Release doesn't actually appear on the CPC website, nor is it on CPC letterhead, it is leaked by somebody to Neale News) CPC expert R.Dash, who last week claimed, along with 4 other indipendent experts that the tapes were altered... now, according to press release says they are "clean"

Here is the news release as published at Neale News:
Jason Kenney, MP
Opposition Deputy House Leader
Calgary Southeast
June 9, 2005

News Release

Original Murphy/Dosanjh recordings clean and unaltered: expert

OTTAWA – Conservative Deputy House Leader Jason Kenney today released a letter to Conservative Leader Stephen Harper from Randy Dash, Senior Editor and Manager of Operations of dMAX Media in Ottawa. The letter summarizes Mr. Dash’s analysis of copies of original recordings supplied by Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal.

“Mr. Dash’s analysis of the recordings shows that they are clean and unaltered,” Kenney said. “These recordings speak for themselves. Now, it’s time for Paul Martin, Ujjal Dosanjh and Tim Murphy to begin answering the questions about their involvement in offering rewards to members of parliament in exchange for their votes. To this day, there has been no information produced by any of these individuals to dispute the facts on these recordings.”

Kenney pointed out that Mr. Dash, a professional audio engineer specializing in post-production work, is the only expert thus far to have examined copies of the original recordings, and invited others to do the same. “There has been a lot of conjecture about the authenticity of the recordings,” Kenney said. “None of this speculation is based upon fact, and would indicate that those speculating have not taken the time to listen to or examine the entire recordings, which are publicly available.”