Wednesday, April 06, 2005

April 6, 2005: Grewal's press release accusing Volpe of making False Allegations

Press Release from Grewal's website

Volpe Making False Allegations: Grewal

April 6, 2005 OTTAWA – Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal made the following statement today in response to recent allegations by the Minister of Immigration:

“It is untrue that I have, at any time, received or solicited any money or had any bonds posted to me personally as part of guarantees that individuals, whom I assisted in acquiring visitor visas, would respect the terms of the visas. Any allegations that I did so, or was engaged in any wrongdoing, are false and should be retracted immediately, and could be subject to legal recourse.

“It is true that my private member’s bill, through which a bond process would be established for people to guarantee they will respect the terms of visas, has my support and that of many other Members of Parliament from all parties.”