Tuesday, June 07, 2005

June 7, 2004: Sangha confirms Kalia

Report by: Terry Milewski
Length: 6:08

TM = Terry Milewski
SK = Sudesh Kalia
AS = Amrik Sangha


SK: This is my office telephone. Mr. Grewal called me six, seven times within ten days before the May fifteenth, looking for me. I have one record on my call display, his number may the seventh, from his house to my office and he left the message: please call me, looking for me.

TM: Sudesh Kalia is the man in the middle of the wrangling over who called who first. He was a supporter of Grewal in the last two campaigns: raising money, knocking on doors, even though Kalia is a liberal. He says that is Grewal called him looking to join the liberals, and not for the first time.


SK: Actually two, three years back he also talked to me about this.

TM: Two or three years back?

SK: Yes.

TM: About what?

SK: Well he wanted to join the Liberals.

TM: Kalia says the Liberals had a majority then and weren't interested, but, that Grewal called him again as last month's confidence vote drew near, looking for a cabinet post and a United Nations job for his wife.


SK: I asked him so what should I tell them, what you want? He said uh, I want uh UN. So I said for you and he said no for Nina. So then I ask him anything else if UN not possible so anything else? He said UN or senate.

TM: For Nina?

SK: For Nina and cabinet for myself

TM: He said that right off the bat that he wanted to be a cabinet minister?

SK: Yes.


TM: Kalia's story, that it was Grewal that called first not the liberals, is supported by Amrik Sangha, a Surrey businessman who is a friend of Ujjal Dosanjh. Sangha says Kalia called him to get Dosanjh's number.

AS: He was uh, he said that he needed to get a hold of Mr. Dosanjh as soon as possible and he was asking me his cell number.