Wednesday, July 27, 2005

July 27, 2005: Letter to the Now: Grewal has no credibility

MP claims no involvement; counts herself in on plan

The Editor,

Re: "Nina stands by her man," the Now, July 23.

Nina Grewal's statement that her husband's actions in making the tapes was because: "we (note, "we") wanted to catch them red-handed," contains not a molecule of credibility.

If even a half-wit had planned a "sting" operation such as Gurmant Grewal now claims he did, he would have ensured that others were aware of his plans so his motives could be confirmed later. He would, for example, have signed an affidavit outlining his plan and had it notarized for date. He, Gurmant Grewal in this case, would certainly have told his MP wife although she now claims (despite the "we") that she had nothing to do with the tapes. The after-the-event claim of a "sting," is clearly bogus.

The question becomes: Is either of the Grewals an appropriate representative of large numbers of Canadian citizens in the parliament of the nation, even with the loyal support of the Conservative party?

Dave Poole, Surrey